Next Steps


Have questions about Calvary Pentecostal Church? Interested in learning more about our vision for the future or becoming a member?

First Steps is an informal class taught while children are in their classes. For four  weeks you will gather with others to learn about Calvary Pentecostal Church, ask questions, and interact.


Calvary’s first level of discipleship. Everyone who calls Calvary home is encouraged to attend Take Root.

Take Root will help you establish a foundation of Christian habits. The principles taught here will empower you to live out your faith in a confusing world.


The second level of discipleship. We also encourage everyone be part of Bear Fruit.

Bear Fruit will help you use the spiritual root system established in Take Root. Christ taught that his followers would produce spiritual fruit, and that the world will recognize them because of their fruit.

Fitly Framed

Every member of Calvary is expected to serve in a defined role of ministry. Fitly Framed is a series of lessons that help define your motivational gift, passion, and most effective way of serving. 

This unique series is taught by Calvary’s Personnel Director, who will then assist you in finding a meaningful role of ministry.